Passive Component Process Equipment

Coil Winding Machine


1. This machine is winding machine for common mode chock.

2. The machine station uses the axis control system to control the position,reduce the trubleshooting and increase the output of the equipment .

3. The components available size from 2012mm to 3216mm. 


  1. 6-axis servo control.
  2. Vibration plate feeding function, increase productivity.
  3. High-speed winding (5.5 sec / 1pcs).
  4. XYZθ axis adopts 50W servo motor with fast moving precise positioning.
  5. The motor has precise positioning control , reducing the trubleshooting.
  6. Fix tools can be quickly replaced.
  7. High-precision tension control.
  8. PC control function, easy to operate.
  9. The structure is simple, easy to control, easy maintenance.