LED Process Equipment

LED Dispensing Machine


This machine is applied for LED dispensing process with two dispensing pumps.

Loader transmit the lead frame, which carries the product, through the preheat、dispensing, which is performed under the setting conditions, and reheats zone by conveyor.

Then the product will be transmitted to the unloader after finished the above procedure.



1.High-precision X/Y/Z axis positioning ±2μm.

2.Friendly GUI/HMI.

3.Pump accuracy : 2mg±1.5%

4.Capable of switching same kind or dissimilar glue materials.

5.Equipped with contact-free height measuring instrument.

6.Including function such as preheat、underfill and reheat, Max.180℃±2℃.

7.Optional custommgized GUI and SECS/GEM function.