Glue coating/Heat sink Attach Machine


Equipment introduction from left to right:

1.Coating machine including loader #Model : RK-IDC1400.

2.Coating machine including AOI #Model : RK-IDA1500-1.

3.Heat sink Attach & Press #Model : RK-IHS1000.

4.Heat sink AOI including loader #Model : RK-IDA1500-2.

This machine is applied for semiconductor heat sink packaging process, including thermal glue dispensing, heat sink attach, and AOI system.
Machine configuration can be allocated based on manufacturing requirement.



1.Equipped with Linear Motor to ensure high accuracy and speed , positioning repeatability ±2μm.

2.Capable of the same kind and dissimilar glue materials at the same time.

3.Enhanced production yield with the "on the fly" mode of the alignment system.

4.Screw Pump accuracy 2mg±5%、100mg±2%;CPK>1.67.

5.Capable of using standard boat.

6.Capable of inspecting glue’s width、quality and position.

7.Capable of inspecting heat sink’s direction and stacked status.

8.Capable of long-time operation with storage room.

9.High-precision with module positioning.

10.Lamination force per die Max.3kg (Max.120kg per boat)

11.Capable of heating function, Max. 200℃, operation temperature 180℃±5%.

12.Capable of AOI function to inspect shift and glue leakage.

13.Optional customized GUI/HMI and SECS/GEM function.