Semiconductor-Dispensing Equipment Series

Underfill Dispensing Machine


This machine is applied for flip chip product, which is filled with glue materials between the Die and the substrate. Loader transmit the boat, which carries the product, through the preheat、underfill, which is performed under the setting conditions, and reheats zone by conveyor, Then the product will be transmitted to the unloader after finished the above procedure.



1.Equipped with Linear Motor to ensure high accuracy and speed , positioning repeatability ±2μm.

2.Available to be equipped with pneumatic、piezoelectric jetting pump.

3.Pump Accuracy:

   A.Pneumatic Jetting Pump: 0.5mg±5% CPK>1.66 (200 dose)

   B.Piezoelectric Jetting Pump: 0.5mg±3% CPK>1.66 (200 dose)

4.Friendly GUI/HMI.

5.Enhanced production yield with the "on the fly" mode of the alignment system.

6.Equipped with dual pump for dispensing operation (cross function is available).

7.Equipped with contact-free height measuring instrument.

8.Including function such as preheat、underfill and reheat,Max.180℃±2℃。

9.Equipped with 4 digit precision scales(5- digit scale is optional), automatically correct the required weight.

10.Optional customized GUI/HMI and SECS/GEM function.